Over the years we have invested heavily in our mailing machinery, enabling us to handle both small and large projects with relative ease and efficiency.

From high-speed automated envelope enclosing, and magazine polywrapping, through to complex hand-insertion projects, we are fully geared up to tackle everything from the simplest to the most demanding of direct mail campaigns.

Our fully trained and qualified machine engineers work tirelessly to ensure our machines run at optimum efficiency, at the same time working hard to eliminate quality issues or errors that could jeopardise the success of your campaign.

We operate a tidy, organised and efficient workspace, and we guarantee that every mailing is done to the highest of standards - standards that our reputation is built upon.


If you've got several hundred or several hundred thousand letters, leaflets, flyers or booklets to send out then allow us to remove this hassle by completing this task on one of our intelligent auto-enclosers. 

We can enclose up to six separate items into the one envelope, allowing you to be flexible and creative with maximising the effectiveness of your campaign.

Whether you're sending out financial statements, generic marketing material or important letters of any kind, your items will be handled with care by our expert team of production staff, machine operators and engineers.

Every job that is run on our machines is subject to robust quality control procedures, that have been developed over many years of experience of running such projects. Enclosed packs are opened and checked by fully-trained members of our production team.


We understand the importance of what we do, and the importance of the items we are working with to our customer's, and indeed to the recipients who are going to receive them.

Our enclosing machines are also consistently and constantly maintained by qualified engineers, and thoroughly tested before each run to ensure they run at optimum efficiency, without mis-feeds, double-feeds and jamming problems that could cause issue when running. 


Polywrapping is the art of wrapping magazines, newsletters, catalogues, brochures and many other forms of media into clear or printed polythene, which is not only protective during posting, but also allows your material to be instantly seen when it lands with its recipient.

We offer a wide range of types of polythene, all biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but all designed to give your media the ultimate impact upon delivery.

Our poly-line is equipped with in-line inkjetting for variable printing of names and addresses directly on the polythene itself.

As ever, our polywrap work is subject to our strict quality checks, where everything from the seal, to the cut of the polythene is checked to ensure every piece is received by your audience the way you intended.

We have been polywrapping for years and understand the complexities and nuances of this tricky artform, our team are highly trained and highly skilled, and we are confident that you will struggle to find a more competent supplier of polywrapping services.


Some jobs, just can't be done by machine...

... and some jobs, are just better done by hand.

When you require the personal touch, or need to pack or enclose specialist items, or match multiple documents by varying details; then our highly experienced team of hand-workers steps in to make it happen.

We have packed everything from chocolate and swimming caps, to food, bricks and even soil! So rest assured that no project you can give us is too bizarre or awkward.

Making boxes, cutting ribbons, measuring string, and hand-writing personalised notes, we can do it, regardless of quantity.

There's something special about receiving something physical that has had care and thought poured into its creation, and we pride ourselves on making your vision become reality. 




Got a mailing piece that needs to be sealed in order to get through the postal system?

We can mechanically apply a clear, perforated sealing disc tab to the leaflet or book's open edge, keeping it from opening and being damaged in the post.


Need to keep an open edge shut? Don't want to use a sealing disc tab? Then perhaps let us apply a small glue dot or two to keep it closed.

Also useful for sticking product samples to marketing material, or membership cards to forms.


Need to get thousands of leaflets folded? Perhaps you need to get them into envelopes, or boxed and sent somewhere?

We have a high speed, high quality folding unit for the just job, which can do thousands, quickly, neatly and cost efficiently.